Annemarie Wiley Parents: Know Her Mother and Father

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Annemarie Wiley parents are her mother Jane and her father, whose name is unknown. She has been adopted by her mother Ingrid Hanssens Fast, and stepfather, Walter.

Annemarie Wiley is a Canadian-American Nurse Anesthetist, fitness enthusiast, and reality TV star. Also, she gained recognition as a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 13.

Additionally, she is married to former NFL player Marcellus Wily. Together, they co-founded Project Transition, an organization dedicated to youth development.

Annemarie shares three biological kids with her husband and one other kid from her husband previous relationship.

Key Highlights

  • Annemarie Wiley adoptive mother name is Ingrid Hanssens Fast.
  • Annemarie biological mother, Jane, passed away while she was filming Season 13.
  • She also had a stepfather named Walter, who sadly passed away.

Annemarie Wiley Parents

The reality TV star, Annemarie Wiley biological mother name is Jane. Although, her father name has not been disclosed yet.

Likewise, Annemarie underwent genetic testing and received notification of a match. She reached out to her relative for any possible information but faced rejection.

Her biological mother did not respond and blocked her. Also, it is known that her biological mother, Jane, requested not to reunite with her.

What happened to Annemarie Biological Mother?

Annemarie Wiley biological mother, known as Jane, passed away during the filming of Season 13.

In a pre-reunion interview, Annemarie revealed that her mother had succumbed to Stage IV lung cancer three months after filming ended.

This had a profound impact on her and her family.

She shared,” Her mother, Jane, had this terrible cough, so she made her a doctor’s appointment, and they found an 8 by 7-centimeter tumor in her lung.

It was a heartbreaking loss for Annemarie.

Annemarie Wiley Adopted Mother Ingrid Hanssens Fast

Annemarie Wiley adoptive mother was Ingrid Hanssens Fast, originally from Kelowna, British Columbia.

Ingrid worked at the Canada Post before her retirement. She adopted Annemarie shortly after her birth and raised her just outside of Vancouver.

Annemarie also had a stepfather named Walter. Sadly, both her stepfather, Walter, and her adoptive mother have passed away. In 2023, Ingrid passed away after Walter demise.

Wiley paid a heartfelt tribute to Ingrid, referring to her as” the most incredible Mom and Grama”.

Annemarie Wiley Relationship With Her Parents

Annemarie Wiley had a complex relationship with her biological parents. She attempted to reunite with her biological mother but faced rejection, leaving Annemarie emotional.

However, her adoptive mother played a significant role in her life. Besides her adoptive mother, Annemarie received support from her stepfather, Walter, creating a nurturing environment during her upbringing.

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Despite their passing, Annemarie continues to uphold the values instilled in her by her adoptive parents, hiring their memory through her actions and accomplishments.


Who are Annemarie Wiley parents?

Annemarie Wiley mother is Jane. However, her father name has not been disclosed yet.

What happened to Annemarie Wiley adoptive parents?

Both of Annemarie adoptive parents have passed away. Her stepfather, Walter, passed away first. Later, in 2023, her adoptive mother, Ingrid Hanseens-Fast, also passed away.

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