Ryan Madson Wife Sarah Crandall Marriage, Divorce Rumour and Kids

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Ryan Madson Wife SARAH CRANDALL Info

Full NameSarah Crandall Madson
Nick NameSarah Crandall
Relationship StatusMarried
Marriage Date2002
Husband NameRyan Michael Madson
Daughter’s NameElla Madson
Son’s NameBen, Tyler, Sean, and Luke Madson

Ryan Madson wife name is Sarah Crandall. She is known for her preference for privacy and dislike of the spotlight.

Unlike many professional athlete spouses, Sarah prefers to keep a low profile and avoid the spotlight whenever possible.

This deliberate effort to shun media attention emphasizes her desire for a calm, private existence away from the spotlight that frequently surrounds her husband’s career.

Key Takeaways

  • Ryan Madson and Sarah Crandall have been together for the last 22 years.
  • The Madson couple are blessed with five kids.
  • Sarah Crandall Madson is a private person who keeps herself out of the spotlight.

Ryan Madson Married Sarah Crandall in 2002

Ryan Madson is a dedicated family man who has effectively managed his professional and personal life. Madson has been married to Sarah Crandall since 2002.

They dated for several years before getting married. Ryan and Sarah have been together for the last 22 years.

Despite Ryan’s celebrity status, Sarah frequently finds constant attention from fans unpleasant. She prefers a private life away from the spotlight.

Nonetheless, their bond is strong, with Ryan making time for his family despite his work demands.

Together, they endure the pressures of public life while maintaining a close-knit family dynamic, showing that love and dedication can thrive even in the face of fame. 

Are Ryan Madson and Sarah Crandall Still Together?

There have been rumours that Ryan Madson and Sarah Crandall are divorced, but neither Ryan nor Sarah has spoken about it publicly, preferring to keep a low profile.

These rumours are unfounded, and the pair have been together for 22 years.

ryan madson wife
Ryan Madson married Sarah Crandall in tthe year 2002.
Image Source: Phily Chit Chat

Madson’s reserved nature extends to his personal life, which reflects his minimal participation on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Despite speculation, their long-term relationship appears to be intact, highlighting their desire for privacy.

Ryan and His Wife Sarah Crandall Madson Are Blessed With Five Kids

Ryan and Sarah have been blessed with five beautiful children. Their only daughter, Ella, and their four sons, Ben, Tyler, Sean, and Luke, delight them greatly.

Despite their celebrity position, Ryan and Sarah want to give their children a regular upbringing and keep them out of the spotlight.

They believe in the value of family and treasure every time spent together. Ryan, a passionate family man, manages his demanding career while remaining committed to his loved ones.

He is always available when his family needs him, putting their well-being ahead of all else.

Sarah shares this passion, and together, they provide a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for their children.

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The Madson couple’s demand for privacy in their personal lives derives from a desire to shield their children from unnecessary exposure.

They want their children to study and develop in a regular, grounded manner.

Despite the pressures of his profession, Ryan makes an effort to be present for his family, which includes Sarah and the children.

Their close link and mutual encouragement create a pleasant family dynamic, demonstrating that love and support are the cornerstone of their happiness.

Who is Ryan Madson ?

Ryan Michael Madson was born on August 28, 1980, and is 44 years old. Madson is a retired American professional baseball pitcher.

He has appeared in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Philadelphia Phillies, Oakland Athletics, Kansas City Royals, Washington Nationals, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Madson earned World Series victories for the Phillies in 2008 and the Royals in 2015. He ranks second all-time in postseason pitching appearances, trailing only Mariano Rivera.

Ryan Madson, a former professional baseball pitcher, is expected to be worth $30-40 million. He is not active on any social media platforms.

Although Ryan has a Twitter account, @RyanMadson46, it has not been used since 2011.

Despite being a famous figure, Madson appreciates his privacy, which is why he has no visible Instagram or Facebook accounts.

Madson’s modest social media presence reflects his desire to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Ryan Madson Wife ?

The retired American professional baseball pitcher Ryan Madson wife name is Sarah Crandall.

How Old is Ryan Madson?

Ryan Michael Madson was born on August 28, 1980, in Long Beach, California, U.S. According to his date of birth, he is 44 years old.

Do Ryan Madson and Sarah Crandall have Kids?

Yes, Ryan Madson and Sarah Crandall have been blessed with five beautiful children. Their only daughter, Ella Madson, and their four sons, Ben, Tyler, Sean, and Luke Madson.

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