Ron Roenicke Family: Siblings, Wife, Son, and Nephew

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Ron Roenicke family consists of a brother, wife, nephew, and son. Widely, Ron Roenicke is recognized as the younger brother of former MLB outfielder Gary Roenicke.

Roenicke comes from an athletic family background. It has been concluded that most of his family members have played in the major league career.

Moreover, Ron Roenicke a.k.a Ronald Jon Roenicke is an American former professional baseball outfielder, coach, and manager. He has played eight seasons in Major League Baseball for several teams in his career.

Key Highlights

  • Ron Roenicke son, Lance Roenicke was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2012.
  • The former MLB player, Ron Roenicke has earned two accolades in his career as World Series Champion in 2002 and 2018.
  • Mr Roenicke is the uncle of Josh Roenicke, Jason Roenicke, and Jarett Roenicke.
  • Ron Roenicke family members consist of his elder brother, wife, son, and three nephews.

Ron Roenicke Family

Ron Roenicke Siblings

The former MLB player, Ron Recnicke has one sibling. His sibling’s name is Gary Roenicke. Mr Gary’s birth took place in Covina, California, United States. Ron Roenicke brother, Gary Roenicke was born on December 5, 1954.

As of 2024, Gary Roenicke age is 70 years old. Every year he celebrates his birthday on 5th December. So, his zodiac sign falls under Sagittarius. Gary Roenicke’s birth name is Gary Steven Roenicke.

Professionally, Gary is an American former MLB left outfielder. On June 8, 1976, he debuted for the Montreal Expos for the first time as the eighth pick of the first round.

In 1975, Ron Roenicke brother earned his first MVP Award in the Eastern League. Gary bats with his right hand.

The 70-year-old man, Mr Gary has played for several teams. Such as the Montreal Expos (1976), Baltimore Orioles (1978 to 1985), New York Yankees (1986), and Atlanta Braves (1987 to 1988).

He scored a .247 batting average, 121 home runs, and 410 Runs Batted In (RBI). Throughout his Major League Baseball (MLB) career, Gary won the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame and World Series Champion in the year 1983.

Presently, Ron Roenicke sibling Gary is an adviser for the Western Canadian Baseball League. Besides this, he is also a scout for the Orioles. Gary Steven Roenicke made his last MLB appearance on July 24, 1988, for the Atlanta Braves.

Ron Roenicke Wife Karen Roenicke

Karen Roenicke is the wife of Ron Roenicke. Professional baseball outfielder, Ron Roenicke has met his future partner Karen Roenicke.

Both of them had dated for a couple of years. Karen and Ron dated first time with his teammate Mike Scioscia, and his wife.

Thereafter, two of them got married in the United States. However, the exact date of their wedding ceremony is not disclosed yet.

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Roenicke’s wife, Karen was a physical education teacher at Chino Hills High School. Previously, she used to teach in High School in California. She has been following the religion of Christianity since her birth.

Ron Roenicke Son Lance Roenicke

Ron Roenicke son name is Lance Roenicke. His birth name is Lance Tyson Roenicke. Lance Roenicke was born on June 8, 1988.

He was welcomed by his parents, Ron Roenicke (his father), and Karen Roenicke (his mother) in Loma Linda, California, United States of America. As of 2024, Lance Roenicke age is 36 years old.

Moreover, his astrological sign falls under Gemini. Lance holds an American nationality and belongs to a white ethnic descent. Lance Roenicke height is 6 feet 1 inch or 1.90 m. Ron Roenicke son, Lance is an American professional MLB player.

In 2012, Lance Roenicke was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 25th round of overall pick in the 785th position. He was selected out of UC Santa Barbara. The outfielder has scored .310 with four home runs and 35 RBI.

lance tyson roenicke family
Lance Tyson Roenicke and his wife Lauren Grace Roenicke along with their two kids Emma Grace Roenicke and Jordyn Faith Roenicke together in a picture
Image Source: Lance Roenicke Instagram

The 36-year-old Lance has made his father proud of him. On June 16, 2012, he was assigned to Helena Brewers from Milwaukee Brewers. Within one week, Roenicke’s son, Lance was assigned to Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

Again, in March 2013 and 2014, he was assigned to the Milwaukee Brewers. The player, Lance Tyson Roenicke tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Grace Roenicke on November 8, 2014.

Lance and his wife, Lauren have been together for decades. Over 10 years, the couple are blessed with two kids, namely Emma Grace (born on February 2, 2017) and Jordyn Faith (born on August 2, 2018).

As of now, Lance Roenicke children ages are Emma Grace Roenicke seven years old, and Jordyn Faith Roenicke six years old. After a year in 2015, Mr Lance was released from Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

Ron Roenicke Nephew

Josh Roenicke is the nephew of Ron Roenicke. Josh is the son of Gary Roenicke. On August 4, 1982, Ron Roenicke nephew Josh Roenicke was born in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

As of now, Josh Roenicke age is 42 years old. He holds an American nationality and belongs to a white ethnic descent. His birth name is Joshua James Roenicke.

Professionally, Josh Roenicke is an American former professional baseball pitcher. He is a right-handed batsman and made his MLB debut for the Cincinnati Reds on September 13, 2008.

Josh played for the Cincinnati Reds, Toronto Blue Jays, Colorado Rockies, Minnesota Twins, and Uni-President Lions of the Chinese Professional Baseball League. On September 26, 2013, he made his last appearance for the Minnesota Twins.

Thereafter, in the 2019 and 2020 MLB season, Josh re-signed with the Uni-Lions. Unfortunately, Gary Roenicke son, Mr Josh was released from Uni-President Lions on August 30, 2020, after tearing his pitching elbow ligament.

At the age of 28, Josh Roenicke tied the knot with Ian Desmond‘s sister, Nichole Desmond. They married in 2010 surrounded by their loved ones. In recent times, Josh and Nichole have been celebrating their 14 years of togetherness.

Likewise, his other nephew, Jason Roenicke is also a baseball player. Jason played in Toronto’s minor league system from 2008 to 2009.

Ron Roenicke Relationship With His Family

Ron Roenicke has a close relationship with his family. Ron Roenicke family members have a strong appearance in the history of the sport of baseball.

Reportedly, Roenicke’s brother, nephews, and his son are also a baseball player. Josh’s uncle, Mr Ron Roenicke served as an outfielder and as well as a pinch runner.

Some of the teams Roenicke played were Los Angeles Dodgers (1981 to 1983), Seattle Mariners (1983), San Diego Padres (1984), San Francisco Giants (1985), Philadelphia Phillies (1986 to 1987), and Cincinnati Reds (1988).

Who Is Ron Roenicke?

On August 19, 1956, Ron Roenicke was born in Covina, California, United States of America. As of now, Ron Roenicke age is 68 years old.

According to his birth date, Roenicke’s birth sign falls under Leo. As of present, Ron Roenicke height is 6 feet. His body weight stands at 81 kg.

Besides being a former MLB player, he was also the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers and Boston Red Sox.

In addition, Ronald Jon Roenicke has served as a coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, and Boston Red Sox.

On May 21, 1988, Roenicke made his last appearance in the MLB for the Cincinnati Reds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ron Roenicke Family

Who is in Ron Roenicke family?

Ron Roenicke family consists of William Roenicke (father), Gary Roenicke, Josh Roenicke (his nephew), Karen Roenicke, Lance Tyson Roenicke, Lauren Grace Roenicke, Emma Grace Roenicke, and Jordyn Faith Roenicke.

How old is Ron Roenicke son?

Lance Tyson Roenicke was born on June 8, 1988. As of June 2024, Ron Roenicke son age is 36 years old.

Who is the wife of Josh Roenicke?

Josh Roenicke wife name is Nichole Desmond. Nichole is the sister of Ian Desmond, an American former professional baseball infielder and as well as an outfielder.

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