Ricky Turcios Family: Father, Mother and Siblings

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Ricky Turcios family includes his father, Henry Turcios, and mother Sherry Turcios. However, Ricky siblings names have not been disclosed yet.

Ricky Turcios is a renowned American pro-MMA fighter who competes in the Bantamweight division of the UFC.

Likewise, he has been fighting professionally since 2013. Turcios is the winner of the bantamweight tournament of The Ultimate Fighter 29.

Also, he had been the FFC Bantamweight champion.

Key Highlights

  • Ricky Turcios was born to parents Henry Turcios and Sherry Turcios.
  • Ricky father, Henry Turcios is from El Salvador, and his mother, Sherry Turcios is from the Philippines.
  • Ricky Turcios has been in a romantic relationship with Christina Flores, since they started dating in April 2014.

Ricky Turcios Family

Ricky Turcios Parents

Ricky Turcios parents names are Henry Turcios and Sherry Turcios. His father, Henry, is an immigrant from El Salvador, and his mother, Sherry, is a native of Manila, Philippines.

This unique blend of Filipino and Salvadoran heritage is a central aspect of his identity.

Other than that, there is no other information about Ricky parents like their, age, physical appearance, and profession.

Ricky Turcios Siblings

The famous MMA Fighter, Ricky Turcios does not disclose much about his siblings. Also, there is no information if Ricky has siblings or not.

If any information is updated, we will be available as soon as possible.

Ricky Turcios Girlfriend

Ricky Turcios, the accomplished mixed martial artist, is in a romantic relationship with Christian Flores. They have been together for over eight years since they began dating in April 2014.

ricky turcios girlfriend
Ricky Turcios with his girlfriend Christina Flores
Image Source: Chron

Christina has consistently supported Ricky, and their enduring relationship hints at a possible future as husband and wife.

Turcios has previously shared affectionate posts about Christina on his Instagram. However, his account now mainly highlights his professional endeavors. On the other hand, Christina has kept a low profile.

Ricky has conveyed profound appreciation for Christina’s genuine nature, underscoring her significance in a video statement.

Ricky Turcios Relationship With His Family

Ricky Turcios has a strong and supportive relationship with his family. His parents Henry and Sherry, have been instrumental in shaping his character and nurturing his ambitions since childhood.

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His parent’s unwavering encouragement and guidance have laid the foundation for Turcios’s success.

Turcios demonstrates unwavering determination, driven by the strength of his familial ties and cultural background, as he faces opponents such as Kevin Natividad.

Who is Ricky Turcios?

Ricky Turcios was born on June 5, 1993, in Houston, Texas, and grew up in the United States. He was nicknamed Pretty Ricky because of his exemplary skills and looks.

Ricky is half Filipino and half Salvadoran. His Filipino roots extend through his mother, grandmother, aunts, and uncles, whereas his Salvadoran heritage comes from his father’s side.

As of 2024, he is 31 years old. Since 2014, he has earned twelve wins and three losses, displaying his versatility with knockout submission, and decision victories.

In addition, his achievements include victories over Kevin Natividad in UFC Fight Night 215, Brady Hiestand in UFC on ESPN 30, and Kaleb Petereit in Fury FC 42.


Who are Ricky Turcios parents?

The Filipino-Salvadoran fighter, Ricky Turcios parents are Henry Turcios and Sherry Turcios.

What is the nationality of Ricky Turcios parents?

Ricky Turcios father, Henry, is an immigrant from EI Salvador, and his mother, Sherry, is a native of Manila, Philippines. Therefore, his father is Salvadoran, and his mother is Filipino.

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