Monika Czinano Sisters: Maggie Czinano and Mallory Czinano

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Monika Czinano sisters are Maggie Czinano and Mallory Czinano. Maggie and Malory have also followed the same path as their older sister. They are pursuing their basketball career.

Monika Czinano is an American professional basketball player. She plays power forward and center positions.

Czinano was also selected by the Los Angeles Sparks in the 3rd round of the 2023 WNBA draft.

As of the 2023/2024 season, Monika is playing for TFSE-MTK Budapest in Eurobaskets Hungary-A Division.

Key Highlights

  1. Monika Czinano, the American professional basketball player, has two youngest sisters, Maggie Czinano and Mallory Czinano.
  2. Maggie Czinano and Mallory Czinano both are into sports and play basketball, like her sister, Monika.
  3. Maggie and Mallory parents are Gyula Czinano and Theresa Czinano. Theresa is a high school English teacher at Watertown Mayer.

Monika Czinano Sisters

Maggie Czinano

Maggie Czinano is the middle child of Gyula Czinano and Theresa Czinano. Maggie, currently in her junior year at the University of Minnesota, is making her mark as a basketball player.

Before her college career, she was recognized with the Star Tribune All-Metro Honorable Mention during her high school years.

In addition to basketball, she showcased her athletic prowess in soccer and track and field, earning five letters in each sport.

Also, the talented diva was honored twice as an all-conference athlete and received an all-state honorable mention in soccer in 2018.

Czinano committed to the University of Minnesota after high school. However, her freshman year was marred by injuries, limiting her participation to just nine games.

In contrast, Maggie played in 29 of the team’s 30 games during the following season. She also achieved a career-high of 11 rebounds in her third career start during a loss to Purdue.

Mallory Czinano

Mallory Czinano is the youngest sister of Monika Czinano. She was born in Watertown, Minnesota.

Mallory is a talented athlete who has excelled in multiple sports at Watertown-Mayer High School. During her high school year, she earned three varsity letters each in basketball, volleyball, and track.

Her achievements include being a three-time All-Conference selection and receiving the team’s Most Improved Player award as a freshman and sophomore.

Beyond her basketball skills, she has showcased her athletic versatility by participating in several track and field events. Mallory has competed in the 100m, 200m, and 400 m sprints and has even made it to the state level in the shot put event.

Currently, she plays basketball at Minnesota State University. Regarding her height, Mallory is 6 feet tall.

Monika Czinano Relationship With Her Sisters

Monika Czinano shares a close bond with her two younger sisters, Maggie and Mallory Czinano. All three sisters have pursued basketball and are active in athletics.

Their bond extends beyond the basketball court, as they support each other by attending each other’s games.

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Monika has been both an inspiration and a guiding figure for her sisters. Their basketball journey highlights their talents and celebrates the power of family support in pursuing one’s passions.

Social Media Presence

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Are Maggie Czinano and Monika Czinano related?

Yes, Maggie Czinano and Monika Czinani are related. They are sisters. Both of them have been involved in basketball.

Who are Maggie Czinano and Monika Czinano Parents?

Maggie Czinano and Monika Czinano were born to parents Theresa Czinano and Gyula Czinano.

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